Commercial Drive Systems For The Lawn & Garden Industry

About Us

J-Mac International has partnered with reputable manufactures from around the world to produce high quality manual shift transmissions, transaxles and differentials products at industry-leading prices. Our transmission products are designed for both residential and commercial applications. J-Mac’s primary focus is the lawn & garden industry, but our products can be utilized by many other industries and applications. We take pride in selling high quality products at the lowest cost in the industry.

We also offer bearings, die cast and ductile iron castings, stampings, machined components, weldments and preforms sub-assembly and assembly services. We even offer a complete line of residential products for private branding. These product include; lawn mowers, hand held products, log splitters, generators, and power tools.

Long lead-times from China and other foreign suppliers are eliminated by J-Mac International’s Just-In-Time delivery system. Our warehousing and supply network covers all of the United States. This means that, in most cases, we can carry excess inventory so that you can operate as efficiently as possible. Per unit freight cost from foreign suppliers is significantly reduced as we consolidate the law and garden industry’s transmission requirements into container load quantities and having them shipped direct to our US warehouses. When ordering from J-Mac, an OEM gets the price reduction associated with off-shore sourcing while maintaining the convenience of low quantity, just-in-time delivery you would expect from a domestic supplier.

Service replacement transmissions and parts can be shipped direct to the OEM’s dealers or customers. This eliminates or reduces the OEM’s inventory while providing their customers Just-In-Time delivery. Typically, we can process most orders the same day they are received so customer are assured of shipping within 24-hours.


Orville R. McDonner – President
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Michael R. McDonner – Vice President of Sales
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Dave McDonner – Vice President of Operations
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PO Box 707, Simpsonville, KY 40067

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730 West Main Street, Suite 101, Louisville, KY 40202