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Pro-Gear Transmissions

Our T7000 line of transmission products are drop-in replacements for the Peerless 700 Series and they meet or exceed the Peerless technical specifications. Orders can be shipped on a Just-In-Time basis from our warehouses located in the United States or shipped by the container on a factory direct basis. We can help you choose the delivery method that is best for your manufacturing needs.

pro gear transmissions

Features and Technical Specifications

Die cast aluminum housing
Gears – Sintered Metal or Steel Cut
Shift Keys – 2 or 4 keys
Output with Sprocket & Brake
Output with 9‐Tooth Splines or 16T Serrations
Ground Speeds – up to 5‐Forward & 1‐Reverse
Lubrication – Grease
Input Shaft – 5/8” diameter
Needle Bearings – Input
Bushings or Bearings – Output Shaft

Output Torque – 24 ft-lbs (32 NM)
Input Speed – 2,400 rpm (max.)
Brake – Either Side of Transmission

ProGear Transmission Customers

ProGear is working hard to establish itself as the leading supplier of gear-drive transmissions to the lawn and garden manufacturers.  Reputable manufacturers such as Encore, DR. Power and Billy Goat have already made the switch. Why pay more for less? Make the switch to ProGear transmissions like these industry leaders:

ProGear transmissions are found on Encore

Encore 48″ Belt Driven Mowers Rely on ProGear Transmissions.

Dr Power Lawn Mower Transmission

ProGear Proudly Provides Transmissions and Differentials to DR Power.