Commercial Drive Systems For The Lawn & Garden Industry

Private Branding

Private labeling, also referred to as private branding, is the process of labeling goods under a company name that does not actually assemble the product. This approach recognizes that corporate oversight can ensure that a product lives up to a brand’s reputation even if the brand does not own the assembly factory. Private label products are available in a wide range of industries. Both large retailers and small businesses use private label goods to promote sales and growth. If you are a retailer or a small business owner it’s good to understand the benefits of using private-label transmissions, spindles and other lawn and garden parts.

Most large retail companies carry private-label products so that they can advertise their brand name without taking on the responsibility of actually manufacturing the product branded. When a retailer brands a product as their own they are offering a unique product that is personalized and has an edge over other competing brand names. Retailers can control the overpricing of products and can ultimately control the prices of competing products on the market. Because the lawn and garden parts are branded by a company consumers know, the branded parts will lead to higher customer loyalty for the retailer in the long run.

ProGear works closely with lawn and garden companies to produce high quality private-label products which meet or exceed brand standards. When you are searching for a manufacturer offering private brand opportunities it is important to choose a manufacturer offering quality goods that are safe for the environment and the public. Our manufacturing facilities are all ISO9000 certified and have met or applied for United Labs certification in their respective fields. When you partner with ProGear to design and manufacture a product, you can be sure that your brand will be enhanced.