Commercial Drive Systems For The Lawn & Garden Industry



We offer a wide variety of replacement parts for the lawn and garden industry. Depending on your specific needs, we can deliver directly to you or setup you order through our aftermarket partner, Rotary Corporation. Rotary’s shipping department process most orders the same day they are received so customers are assured of shipping within 24-hours. For questions about our products and delivery times, please contact us.


ProGear has already provides transmissions, transaxles and differentials to some of the most reputable OEM’s in the lawn and garden industry. Our products will meet or exceed the performance standards set by your current parts suppliers. In addition to quality, we offer flexible delivery options that many suppliers ignore. We work closely with OEM’s to stock sufficient parts so as to ensure just-in-time delivery. In other words, OEM’s need not worry about stocking our parts until they are ready to be assembled.


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