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AYP 174356 Spindle

AYP Spindle No. 174356

AYP Spindle No. 174356

ProGear manufactures high quality replacement spindles for AYP products.

Spindle assembly for AYP 174356.

Replaces the following OEM Models:


HUSQVARNA – 532-174356

ROTARY – 11014

OREGON – 82-015

STENS – 285-108

We are dedicated to providing high quality spindle housings to OEMs around the world. If you are an OEM in need of either container quantity spindles or lower volume, just-in-time delivery, please contact us today.

If you are a homeowner or commercial cutter in need of individual AYP spindles, you can place an order through our aftermarket partner,Rotary Corporation, for fast and affordable delivery.


AYP 174356 BOLTSSpacer for AYP 174356